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Article's by & about: Martin Brossman

Why Men's Groups? Why are men meeting in groups, what is the benefit & challenges


Changing Lives,
One Man at a Time
An interview with the founder of the Triangle Men's Inquiry meeting
What It Means to Be an
Adult Man
How the Triangle Men's Inquiry Meeting got started


7 Efficient Ways to Emasculate Yourself &
Destroy Your Relationship at the Same Time.
Looking at possible ways we emasculate ourselves with the intention of helping us become conscious and less automatic.



What does it take to create a team of men to support each otherís mission in our lives? How do you get it going? What works in keeping it going? This write up is intended to give you some guidelines for building your own group based on over 9 years experience behind The Triangle Menís Inquiry Group as well as studying other groups.


The 25 Top Issues of Men Today What men around the world on-line have said are the top issues of men today.


Word's From Men Direct quotes from a selection of men that contributed to the the book "Finding Our Fire"
Rites of Passage


An excerpt from Martin Brossmanís upcoming book, "Finding Our Fire" and discussion about male rites of passage.
Letter to Gloria Steinem The founder of the Men's Inquiry Meeting, goes to hear Gloria Steinem speak and write her in response to the answer she gives him.



Other Authors  Resource Articles

On Divorce:  

Tips on not sinking in the divorce process,
by John P. McNeir J.D.


An article from men looking at the legal considerations of divorce.
The Three Cís of  Managing Divorce:
Calmness, Consciousness, Clarity
By Rebecca Dnistran, MA

Dealing with the emotional aspects of Divorce & Possible Divorce
Unintended Longing
by Carolyn A. Rumpf


A response to the 9-11 Firefighters of NY. A reflection on courage.

Men's Issues in the Press

News & Observer Article
the Men's Movement
The Raleigh paper writes an article on the men's movement interviewing men in the Raleigh area.


News & Observer Article
When its just dad
Single Dads and their experience.
'Single fathers fight for respect, struggle with hardships of going it alone.'
Getting To Know
Martin Brossman
by Reid David Baer of 'A Man Overboard' Magazine'

An interview by Reid David Bear (also the editor of  the ManKind Journal ) of the founder of the Men's Inquiry; Martin Brossman
Finding Our Fire: Enhancing Men's Connection to Heart, Passion and Strength. The book by the founder of The Men's Inquiry, Martin Brossman

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