Keep humor & joy alive in your life by 
owning one of the limited edition fund raiser:

$15.00 (+4.50 S/H)

Each kit includes:

  • A users guide with complete instruction on how to use the humor props

  • A pair of “Groucho Marx Glasses”, instantly put on a happy face, or different one

  • A concealable  “Squeaker”, make just about anything come alive with this humor prop

  • A easy to use “Clown Nose”, made out of soft foam

  • A easy to carry self-contained:
     "Soap Bubble" bottle, ready to create bubbles 

  • The classic “Raspberry” sound maker, break a tense situation with a unique sound

  • No humor kit would not be complete with out an 
     “Whoopee Cushion”

  • One humor coupon, authorizing you to create humor in any context


Inside & Outside View of the Humor Kit



To Keep humor & joy alive in your life by 
owning one of these limited edition 
"Deluxe Personal Humor Resource Kits" 
send a check or money order for $19.95 ($15.00 & $4.50 shipping & handling) to:

The Men's Inquiry Meeting
c/o: Martin Brossman
5210a Holly Ridge Dr., Suite 251
Raleigh, NC 27612

Call:919.847.4757 to order or pick up in person, if your are in the Raleigh NC area and save the shipping charge.

Send feedback &  comments to:

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